PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is known as the standard for color identification in the graphics industry. If you know the PMS numbers needed for your designs, we guarantee that we’ll match it for the production of your signs. If you don’t know the PMS number, we can supply you with standard color chips or we can match the color you supply.


Lumalite is a unique process of screen-printing a transparent PMS color over the natural mill finish aluminum to give the sign an extra brilliance and luster. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see samples, please call or email us.


Four-Color Process printing involves duplicating photographic images and multi-colored designs with (4) distinct halftone colors… cyan, yellow, magenta and black. We are a very accomplished four-color process screen-printer and we have produce some of the most attractive four-color process signs in the industry. If you have a four-color process project and would like to see some of our sample work, please call or email us.


To give your signs an extra gloss & luster, we apply a varnish coat after the product has been screen-printed. This makes the sign much more attractive and adds some additional protection against color fading.